Holiday gift ideas for music students:

Upgrades for your students:

A NEW INSTRUMENT: By the time your student is in high school, it is likely that their beginning Band instrument is not getting the job done for them. See Mr. Pitt if you would like brand and model recommendations. Also, consider keeping your student (beginner) instruments for marching and pep band so the nice instrument doesn't get banged up.  

MOUTHPIECES - many times a student needs a mouthpiece that reflects their growth as a musician, or that plays better with the type of music they are playing. For example, saxophones should really play on a different mouthpiece for jazz than they do for concert music. If your student is taking private lessons, talk with their teacher for suggestions. Here are some standard upgrade ideas:

Clarinet: Vandoren B45 (with a Rovner ligature)

Alto Saxophone: Jazz - Meyer 5 medium

Classical - Selmer C Star (C*)

Tenor Sax: Jazz - Meyer 6 or 7 medium or a Berg Larsen

Trumpet: Bach 3C (classical or jazz), Schilke 14A4A (jazz only)

           Trombone/Euphonium:  Bach Megatone 6.5 AL or Schilke 51D (I prefer the Schilke, but that's just me....)

PRIVATE LESSONS - a great gift that they can enjoy throughout the year and which will benefit them for life

REEDS - Clarinetists should 'step up' to VANDOREN V12 reeds. 


* Metronome or tuner, or even better - one that has both in one unit! The Korg TM-50 is great, small and under $30.  The Korg CA-30 (tuner only) can be found for under $20!! 

* Jazz or Classical CD's - Basie, Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker or any musician that specializes in the same instrument as your student.

* Instrument stands (good for trumpet, sax, and especially TROMBONES!!! no more leaning your horn on the front of a chair!!!)

 * Padded neck straps for sax players (such as Neotech).

* Aebersold Play-Along books for jazz students.

*Mutes for Trumpets and Trombones.  Most all trumpets and trombones will need straight mutes, and jazz players will usually need Harmon Mutes (available from music retailers) and Plungers (available from hardware stores), too.

*    REED CASES for woodwind players (helps keep your spare reeds 'broken-in' and ready to play